Cooks Custom Bodies


Cooks Body Works develop with fleet companies and individuals custom build designs that best suit your requirements, allowing you to do your job quicker and easier. Our engineering and design team can advise on the latest build designs and practicality of your project. We have extensive history in designing and building custom bodies. We welcome your enquires and are ready discuss your build requirements.

Cook’s Body Works are Australia’s leading vehicle body builders with a wealth of expertise garnered over 75 years of dedicated service. From standard bodies for trade professionals to custom engineered solutions for highly specialised requirements. Cook’s Body Works are the tried and trusted supplier of all your service and transport body requirements.

A Unique Cook’s Body to meet your requirement

Cook’s Custom bodies can be designed and engineered for any trade execution. Cook’s utilise our vast experience in building a wide variety of bodies to ensure that your custom build last and is of the high standard expected of Cook’s products. Cook’s Custom bodies process include:

Design and detail

Cooks Body Works can help design and develop a custom ute body. Our engineering team are happy to advise with any project.

Australian Manufactured

Cooks Body Works manufacture our bodies start to finish in Australia, allowing for in person visits to ensure the design concepts has worked out in the physical form. While we can quickly update and refine the design as we manufacture our components in-house

After sales

As Cooks Body Works design and manufacture all components we can re manufacture spare parts and panels, and can be made within 7 days.