Cooks Body Works have been manufacturing Truck Bodies since 1932. Our Product range includes rigid curtain siders, trays, vans, mobile workshop, and custom built truck bodies. Our strong engineering is focused on designing the truck body to suit your business needs. A Cook’s truck body is built to last and many of our fleet truck bodies are still in service after 20 years on the road.

Pantech Body

Cook’s Body Works are Australia’s leading vehicle body builders with a wealth of expertise garnered over 75 years of dedicated service. From standard bodies for trade professionals to custom engineered solutions for highly specialised requirements. Cook’s Body Works are the tried and trusted supplier of all your service and transport body requirements.

Cook’s expertise in Truck body fabrication is highly valued by some of Australia’s leading transport and logistics fleets. We have many years of experience in the production of:

  • Rigid curtain siders
  • Trays
  • Mobile Workshops
  • Custom built truck bodies
  • Custom locker bodies
  • Pantech bodies

Exciting Projects